How to use this website

This website predominantly hosts files containing NZ Police policy documents, and presents metadata about these files in a consistent way.

The main page is our Policies directory. There, you can find a list of all NZ Police policies we are aware of. Each of these policies has its own dedicated page, which has a link in the directory that looks like this:


Police Manual chapter Latest version active on: 15 September 2022

The directory also lists documents that we know exist, but which we don't have copies of. These documents are listed like this:

Adult diversion deskfile - Part A Diversion overview, eligibility criteria and file evaluation

Police Manual chapter No files Latest version started: 18 December 2019

Each policy has one or more versions, which were active for a period of time. Versions have information about when they were active, but we don't always have all the information about when a version was active. We display information about when a policy version was active like this:

  1. Unknown date Started
  2. 14 Sept 2022 Active
  3. 15 Sept 2022 Active
  4. Unknown date May still be active

Each of those versions has one or more files. Next to a version's files, we display have information about how the file was made public, what information it contains, and how accessible it is. For more information about our accessibility ratings, see our Accessibility page.

Some more detailed information can be viewed by expanding sections behind a + icon.

If a file has significant accessibility issues, we may also provided alternate versions which are more accessible. The original file will always be clearly marked, and if we've made any changes to a file they will be described as well.

Accessibility: Undetermined
  • Text-based Yes
  • Semantics Undetermined
  • Unwatermarked Yes
Published: September 2022
No information was withheld


Each policy's page is driven by a JSON file, which uses a schema created for this website. This JSON data is available for anyone who wishes to use it. For any policy or version detail page, or for the directory itself, you can add ".json" to the end of the URL to load JSON instead of HTML.

For example, here is the JSON for the Abduction Police Manual chapter: /policies/abduction.json

You can find our JSON schema definition, along with the rest of the code for policepolicy.nz, in our GitHub repo: HonestUniverse/nz-police-policy-directory